The official Salt & Sham Lap of the Lakes

Before you ride with us

We are proud of our inclusive approach to cycling, but to ensure that everyone is safe and enjoys the ride, please ensure that you are able to cycle 45km at a steady, social pace. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about riding with us.

New riders

Arrive on time and make yourself known to a committee member. Wear a helmet and make sure your bike is in good working order. Bring a drink, spare tube and tools and don’t forget a card for coffee and food back at the Cricket Club. You don’t need to join before riding with us. Finally enjoy the ride.

Where we go

Leaving Ashton Way, Keynsham at 7am (8am Dec-Feb) every Saturday, the standard Salt & Sham club ride follows a 45km loop through the beautiful Chew Valley countryside, finishing back at Keynsham Cricket Club for coffee and cake. Once you have settled in you may want join a group on a different route, info on other routes can be found here.

How we do it

We organise ourselves into groups of 8-12 riders. The faster riders set off first with the steadier paced groups following behind at regular intervals. We ride as a collective and nobody gets left behind. If you want to know more about group riding read our group ride policy here.