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About Salt & Sham

Salt & Sham was formed in 2013 by 10 friends. The club grew rapidly and continues to grow, thanks to the original members ethos of Collective Cycling…

Saturday Club Ride

The official Salt & Sham club ride leaves Ashton Way, Keynsham every Saturday at 7am, rain or shine…

The official Salt & Sham club ride

7am, Ashton Way, Keynsham, every Saturday rain or shine

Come and join us on our official club ride. Our Saturday ride and our ethos of Collective Cycling is at the heart of our club, instilled by our founding members. So, whether you’re new to road cycling or just getting back into it, we welcome everyone and nobody gets left behind.

You don't need to be a member to try our club ride

Arrive in plenty of time

You must wear a helmet

Bring a drink, spare tube and tools

Lights are always a good idea

Dress appropriately for the conditions

Don't forget some cash for coffee and food at the club house

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The Salt & Sham Facebook group is the place to go to keep yourself up to date with club rides, events and news. We have more than 1100 members on the group, so if you want to find a ride, find out about events or just read what people and the club are up to, then join us now…